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Our experts

We are committed to delivering a personalised service to each scheme. Our experts make this happen and are great to work with along the way. Find out more about them below.

Patrick Kennedy

  • Founding Director of Entrust Pension Limited
  • Negotiations with overseas parent companies
  • Experienced public speaker on a range of pensions topics

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Rachel Stevens

  • Extensively worked on scheme governance related matters
  • Worked on wide and varied range of pension scheme related issues during 20 year career
  • Specialist IDRP officer

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Stuart Evans

  • Leads Entrust’s Enplan Pension Platform
  • Significant valuation funding negotiation expertise
  • Extensive multi-employer scheme experience

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Stephen Maynard

  • Leads Entrust’s internal controls and governance review work
  • Experienced scheme manager for schemes in a range of industries
  • Project management expertise in transferring schemes to the PPF

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Becky Ryding

  • Scheme Manager with co-trustee appointment experience
  • Acted on a number of pension surety bonds for multinational companies
  • Experience of asset backed funding arrangements

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Jessica Pigg

  • Scheme Manager to a number of schemes in a range of industries.
  • Experience in responding to and dealing with IDRP and Ombudsman applications.
  • Co-ordinated Entrust’s compliance with General Data Protection Regulation.

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