Non-associated multi-employer schemes

Non-associated multi employer schemes provide a unique challenge for trustees

Whilst the majority of occupational pension schemes in the UK are established by companies for their own employees, there are a number of large schemes which provide benefits for employees of many non-associated companies.

These non-associated multi-employer schemes (NAMES) present their own unique challenges and Entrust is one of a very small group of professional trustees with experience in this sector.

Market leading
There has been increasing awareness in recent years of the complex issues faced by these schemes. This has resulted in changes to legislation specifically to deal with NAME schemes. Entrust was one of the founding members of the NAMES Group and we continue to play a leading role by lobbying government and industry on behalf of these schemes.

Adaptability and experience
The unique nature of NAME schemes means that no single model of trustee services will apply in all cases. Our experience of managing these schemes for more than ten years means that we are well placed to identify the relevant issues and implement tried and tested solutions.

One characteristic common to all NAME schemes is a wide and varied group of employers. In all of our NAME appointments we have worked to identify the most efficient way to bring together these interests, whether through the creation of an employers’ consultative committee or the consolidation of advisory services and direct contact with each individual employer.

We are very happy to discuss our experiences of NAME schemes with existing trustees, industry bodies or sponsoring employers. This will help us identify areas where we can help to improve the operation of those schemes, either through an appointment as trustee or in an advisory capacity.


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