Trustee board appointments

A personal relationship providing leadership and guidance to any trustee board

Every trustee board is faced with a range of difficult decisions each time it meets. Those challenges are ever-changing and have a huge impact on both the scheme’s members and its employers.

We see the role of an independent trustee as being key to developing a long term plan for the scheme. We aim to add value and direction to trustee meetings and help guide the trustee board through the decision-making process.

Personal relationship
Each scheme is allocated a Scheme Director who is responsible for the delivery of our services. Your Scheme Director is the face and voice of Entrust on the trustee board and the personal relationship between our Scheme Directors and our co-trustees are vital to the successful operation of each scheme. In addition, a dedicated Scheme Manager provides support and assistance (as required) both to the Scheme Director and to our co-trustees.

Support and experience
Our Scheme Directors and Scheme Managers are supported by our wider team and a key part of our governance structure is ensuring that our collective knowledge and experience is shared for the benefit of all schemes to which we are appointed.

Adaptable and collaborative
We are happy to accept appointments to act either as chair of trustees or as one of the trustee board, providing support to the chair of trustees.

Whatever our role, we will work collaboratively with employers, co-trustees and advisers to establish, monitor and refine a scheme’s strategic direction.

As a professional trustee, one of our key responsibilities is to use our experience to manage and monitor a scheme’s advisers so that the scheme secures appropriate and effective advice as efficiently as possible.


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